Social Collaboration

Today’s workers don’t like reading manuals. They want to be engaged, interact in real time and have fun while learning on any device. A powerful Social Enterprise Network enables you to create small communities for any topic to stimulate communication, file sharing and collaboration among peers. The built-in gamification system lets you turn on leaderboards, unlock badges and award your own certificates.

* How to read the Efficiency Score

Drive Team Building with Groups

  • Create groups around different topics where employees can share ideas, content and collaborate
  • Real time notifications about updates and conversations of group members
  • Leverage discussion boards to facilitate conversations among the group members

Improve Social Engagement

  • Company wide news feeds of status updates and peer achievements
  • Track your friends’ activities and accomplishments
  • Make it easy for employees to connect and communicate

Stimulate Social Recognition with Badges

  • Upload your own badges or leverage badges we already designed for you
  • Praise your employees for their achievements
  • Allow employees to praise their peers and get peer recognition

Make learning fun and drive competition

  • Turn on leaderboards for different roles and drive competition
  • Let great performance stand out for different expertise areas like sales, customer support and more

Stimulate conversations

  • Stimulate conversations through discussion boards
  • Let the most helpful replies and posts on any conversation stand out

Employees Public Profile

  • Let your employees build an awesome profile and show off their qualifications and accomplishments

Instant Notifications on any Device

  • Allow your employees to get instant notifications on any device for new announcements, course assignments, due dates for course completions, certification expirations and peer messages.