Learning Engagement

Schoox offers an intuitive, social and mobile interface that learners love. Our platform is perfect for hard-to-engage workers of any age, from Millennials to Senior Executives. We believe training should drive business results. Smarter employees lead to smarter companies. Schoox is designed with the employee, the learner, at the center.

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learning engagement
courses and curricula

Easy Course and Curricula Creation

  • Create courses with tracking capabilities out of any type of content - docs, pdfs, ppts, videos, SCORM, xAPI/Tin Can, YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare and many more.
  • Drag & drop content to create courses in minutes
  • Easily design unique curriculum for individual training paths

Maximize Outcome with Blended Training

  • Manage in-class and live Instructor LeadTraining (ILT) events
  • Combine self-paced training with ILT within the same course to build a blended training experience
  • Set up and track on-the-job training tasks as part of a course or curriculum
blended training
collaborative learning

Stimulate Collaborative Learning

  • Leverage discussion boards to encourage collaboration
  • Get employee feedback for each course with built-in polls
  • Let employees rate and review your courses

Create Exams and Check Results

  • Choose multiple choice, true/false, multiple answers, fill-in blanks templates
  • Limit time, number of attempts or create random order questions to your exam
create exams
assign courses

Assign Courses in Light Speed

  • Assign courses and curriculum based on job, org structure and language with a few clicks
  • Create automated assignment rules based on different criteria and never worry whether new hires or promotions received proper training assigned to them
  • Assign training to individual employees or to 1M+ employees at once

Train and Hire Candidates, Partners and Customers

  • Make courses and curricula selectively accessible to external members like hiring candidates, partners and customers
  • Turn a candidate into an employee once hired with a click of a button and inherit all of their training data
  • Turn an employee into an external member
partners and customers
track progress

Track Progress and Reporting

  • Track your employees’ training performance in multiple ways with Schoox’s powerful and dynamic training dashboard
  • Compare different groups, departments and units against each other in terms of completion rate, exam scores and more
  • Schedule to get your favorite reports daily, weekly or monthly in your mailbox

Onboard Employees Efficiently

  • Set up different onboarding profiles based on job and org structure
  • Schedule training assignments within the onboarding period
  • Schedule performance assessments at different milestones during the onboarding process
  • Automate messages that employees receive from their managers during their onboarding.
  • Track onboarding progress for any job or / and hiring period from a training, performance and knowledge acquisition perspective
content marketplace
content marketplace

Leverage our Awesome Content Marketplace

  • Choose from 10,000+ online courses from best-in-class content providers
  • Purchase courses and assign directly to employees based on job, department or geographic location.
  • Track and allocate purchased subscriptions and licenses to your employees

Create new Revenue Streams

  • Publish and monetize your content through Schoox’s Marketplace
  • Set tier pricing, issue coupons and offer discounts to different groups of buyers
  • Track revenue via your financial dashboard
  • Leverage our integrated payment system
learn as you go

Learn As You Go

Everyone lives on our smart phones. Everyone wants to be able to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device. Schoox offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Take courses on your mobile device with adjusted video resolution to ensure highest quality viewing
  • Have your entire content library at your fingertips
  • Get push notifications about course assignments and other announcements

Compliance Management

  • Track compliance requirements
  • Track your compliance score at all organizational levels (e.g. department store, region, etc.) and compliance areas (HR, Safety, etc.)
  • Build your own notification rules to make sure you will meet compliance requirements on time
compliance management