Business Impact

Measure the impact that training has in your business with Schoox. Correlate easily any KPI with your training metrics to discover any relationship and dependence between training and business performance. A unique and innovative tool that gives you all the power you need to set training goals and improve all aspects of your business whether it is sales, customer satisfaction or productivity.

* How to read the Efficiency Score

Set up Your KPIs

  • Define your KPIs and categorize them however you want
  • Import your KPI values via excel files or integration with any third-party system
  • Add your KPI values at the organizational level, at the employee level or both
  • Provide your KPI values at the lowest organizational level and the system will calculate the respective values across your entire organization structure
  • Define and manage different types of KPIs like revenue summaries, customer satisfaction averages and so much more

Measure Business Impact of Training

  • Choose between various correlation methods to measure the relation and dependency between training and business performance in different areas like sales, customer satisfaction, product expertise and more
  • Explore training performance thresholds that seem to be breakthroughs and make the difference in your business
  • Investigate how long it takes after training to see the impact and expected results in the respective business areas

Neutralize your KPIs from Usual Trends

  • Add usual seasonal trends in your various KPIs to get more objective dependency results between your training and business KPIs
  • The system neutralizes your KPIs from seasonal trends before calculating any correlation

Impact of Ongoing vs. Seasonal Training

  • Distinguish between ongoing training from seasonal training initiatives
  • Explore the impact of ongoing training and how this impacts your business as you change and adjust your training programs
  • Explore also how your seasonal training activities impact your business and time frame for expected results

Explore Dependency between Business Areas

  • Compare business performance of the same area between two sales teams, store-to-store comparison and more
  • Correlate various business KPIs and explore the impact of one business area
  • Does customer satisfaction impact customer upselling?

Personal and Collective Knowledge Fuel

  • Explore the Collective and Personal Knowledge Fuel/Level of your organization and employees
  • Track the Knowledge Fuel of any part of the organization
  • Measure the Knowledge Fuel for the entire range of training subjects or for a particular subject, course or curriculum
  • See how the Knowledge Fuel impacts your different KPIs
  • Correlate your employees’ Knowledge Fuel against their skill strength of their job