Content Curation

Schoox’s user friendly social content management system allows you to store, curate and share content. It is a unified repository for files and web resources. Are your training materials in ten different formats? No problem. Schoox lets you upload virtually any file type instantly. You can also use our cutting-edge tools to add a web resource to your training library in seconds.

* How to read the Efficiency Score

Upload Content from any Source

  • Upload files from any source (PC, Dropbox,, amazon, Google drive and more)
  • Add web resources (YouTube, Vimeo, TED, SlideShare and more) with a click of a button by using our awesome bookmarklet tool

Flexible Permissions based on your Org Structure

  • Provide different read and write permissions based on jobs
  • Set permissions based on organizational structure and geographical location
  • Allow leaders to share content with their teams

Curate Content

  • Create categories and sub-categories of content
  • Provide different read and write permissions based on job and org structure
  • Allow employees to create and share their own lists of content
  • Add metadata like tags and descriptions

Social Collaboration

  • Share a document, a video or a web resource instantly with your employees
  • Allow employees to share content based on permissions
  • Allow employees to rate and comment on content

Our Amazing Drag & Drop Feature

  • You want to create a course out of pdfs, uploaded videos, SCORM files or even YouTube videos? Just drag & drop it and create courses and curricula in seconds.
  • You want to add a new lesson in your course or add supplemental material? You will be amazed how easy it is. With Schoox gone are the days where you had to go through endless of steps to create a course.

Powerful Search

  • Search for content with a Google-like search engine experience
  • Documents are full text indexed and searchable
  • Search with tags and any other search term that may be in the title, description or the document itself