Adaptive Learning for Career Development

Help your employees build a successful career in your organization. Let them determine and evolve their preferred future within your company. Career development options increase retention, productivity and ultimately profits. Based on a number of factors Schoox can suggest complete personalized learning paths that your employees can follow to acquire the required skills and knowledge for any desired job.

* How to read the Efficiency Score

Personalized Course Suggestions

  • Define which factors the system should consider when suggesting personalized courses to employees to improve their skills strength for their job
  • Employees can see a personalized list of suggested courses ranked by the impact factor they have on their skill strength improvement
  • The Impact Factor is the result of an intelligent algorithm that takes into consideration many factors like the employee’s job, their skills performance and skills strength, the importance of a course for the employee’s job and more

Personalized Learning Path Suggestions

  • Choose which employees will have access to specific learning paths to help them take the right set of courses in the proper order to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Let your employees follow completely personalized learning paths to acquire the required skillsets for their desired job
  • Learning Paths are dynamic and can change automatically based on the employee’s progress

Track Progress on chosen Career Paths

  • Track which learning paths your employees follow and what their progress is in improving their skills
  • Conduct additional assessments based on their progress to help them reach the required skills strength for their dream job