Customer since: September 2014 Size: 5100 employees, 100 locations Industry: Restaurant Headquarters: Jackson, MS

We did look at several other leading LMS systems but all of them seemed to be way behind Schoox in terms of product features, mobile capability and franchise reporting.

Company description

Newk’s was cofounded in 2004 by Chris Newcomb, Newk’s has remained steadfast in its commitment to quality, serving made-from-scratch sandwiches, salads, soups and California-style pizzas, using fresh and flavorful ingredients, accompanied by a unique level of service and hospitality. Every menu item is made from scratch, requiring each location to employ between 40-50 individuals. Newk’s is experienced aggressive growth but fully committed to maintaining their high standards for food and service quality. Newk’s expects to reach 200 locations by 2018.

Newk’s Eatery

The Business Challenge:

  • Inconsistencies across our restaurants during our initial growth. With the amount of new recipes and commitment to make from scratch, we needed to make sure the same message was getting out to all our locations.
  • We needed to close the gap and gain consistency across every location so our customers were ensured to get the Newk’s brand experience at every location, every time.
  • Keeping up with which employees had completed their certification. We were relying on excel spreadsheets and individuals keeping them updated.
  • On the job training and paper tests were requiring a trainer to train at every location and were not engaging our employees to truly learn the techniques.

The Solution: Why did Newk’s choose Schoox?

  • We already had HotSchedules and Schoox was fully integrated with HotSchedules, providing a single login and password for our scheduling, training and POS systems which was a huge advantage over other training systems.
  • We did look at several other leading LMS systems but all of them seemed to be way behind Schoox in terms of product features, mobile capability and franchise reporting.
  • Mobile capability was top on our list and Schoox designed their entire product around mobile viewing. Schoox was easy to use and very intuitive requiring little to no training across the company.
  • We needed a system that was very easy to manage from top down. The system had to provide all the unique views that corporate franchise organizations needs from admin to area directors to franchise owners to store level. Schoox was the only system that allowed us to set it up the way we wanted.
  • After the demo with our CEO, his only comment was what do you need and how much longer will it take. We had full support from the beginning.

The Results: How did Schoox Solve Your Business Challenges?

  • We have quarterly limited time offers which means we change our menu. It was always a great challenge to communicate from corporate to the store level. With Schoox, it is easy. In our Newk’s Online Academy, we put our guide plus a video that provides the process to prep and how to assemble on the line. Then, each employee takes an interactive quiz on Schoox and is certified.
  • Being able to use videos and deliver them via mobile devices has made it so much more convenient and engaging for our employees. Videos simply work better and comprehension is greater. We have shortened the learning curve.
  • Schoox has helped us collaborate with other departments like Marketing and Operations.
  • We have received very positive feedback from our franchisees and our store level employees. Communication is better than ever. Our franchisees love it.
  • We gained efficiencies and improved employee morale. Before Schoox, our train the trainer program consisted of an individual flying to a location and training the new employees. Now with Schoox, we can train the trainer remotely yet equally effective. We eliminated travel costs and our field employees do not have to wait for us.

The Surprise: Were there any benefits of Schoox that were unexpected?

  • The reporting capabilities in Schoox from individual, store level, franchise area, to corporate view is superior. We can pull a report on who is certified and have full visibility across the organization that allows us to easily report on anything we need.
  • We had a vision in 2014 to be able to deliver interactive content, and providing our front line with visuals that they could view on mobile. We didn’t even know if it was possible but Schoox enabled us to bring our vision to a reality with their platform and SCORM capability. We were able to do interactive tours of our restaurants so employees could get a feel for each station and the flow of the restaurant from a guest perspective.
  • The customizable feature of Schoox, enabled us to brand our Newk’s Online Academy, so our employees felt comfortable using it.
As told by: Zack Phillips, Performance Development and Culture Manager and Jon Williams, Creative Learning Manager