Customer since: August 2017 Size: 15,000 employees in 219 locations Industry: Casual dining restaurant Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

I view Schoox as a culture-building platform, first and foremost, thanks to its robust tools that allow our team members to be self-expressive and self-directed in their training and careers. It impacted our culture profoundly in a short period of time. It’s been a game changer for Logan’s.

Company description

Founded in 1991 in Lexington, Kentucky, Logan's Roadhouse is an American chain of casual dining restaurants with194 company-operated and 25 franchised locations across 23 U.S. states. The chain offers customers a laid back, “come as you are,” jeans and a t-shirt place to enjoy quality steaks grilled over mesquite, ice cold beer, peanut shells on the floor, and an upbeat dining experience that leaves each guest highly satisfied.

Logan’s Roadhouse

“Game-Changing” — Logan’s Roadhouse Revives its Culture, Retention, and Profits with Schoox

Logan’s Roadhouse prides itself on several things — including quality steaks grilled over real mesquite wood, its famous made-from-scratch yeast rolls, a “kickin’ bar,” and genuine hospitality as part of its DNA.

However, its guest-service hospitality took a hit in early 2017 after the restaurant chain overcame a significant financial event. Staff morale was at an all-time low and turnover was at an all-time high. The management team knew that to recover the restaurant needed a significant culture-rebuilding initiative.

They found their solution in a robust learning management system (LMS) that offered more than just team member training. It also offered tools that could inspire and energize its staff. That LMS was Schoox.

Facing Multiple Business Challenges

As Logan’s Roadhouse worked to rebuild after emerging from its financial crisis, it struggled with employee morale. Turnover had risen to 160% for hourly staff members and 60% for managers.

Constantly hiring and training new people was eating up a large slice of the restaurant chain’s budget. What’s more, training focused primarily on compliance, while neglecting the skills required to inspire staff and elevate customers’ dining experience.

The Learning and Development team realized that to revive the company’s mission of delivering an “upbeat dining experience that leaves each guest highly satisfied,” they needed a significant change.

They wanted to launch a new platform that delivered value beyond merely training compliance. They wanted a robust training, reporting, career development, and social collaboration application — all in one LMS.

Rebuilding the Restaurant’s Culture with an LMS

Logan’s chose Schoox in August 2017 and launched the application eight weeks later in October 2017. During those eight weeks, the L&D team created new training programs, branded the application “The Highway,” and launched it at a home office party. Restaurants were introduced to the new Roadhouse Academy in a video viewing party that included a fun contest hosted on the application.

Ellen Rockwell, former Vice President of Learning and Development, spearheaded the restaurant chain’s search for the right LMS and championed Schoox within the company.

“We wanted the application to become much more than just an LMS. We wanted it to be a culture-building platform that brings our people together. We wanted a place where our team members can engage with each other, complete training programs, understand what’s next, and learn how to advance their careers with Logan’s.

“It was very obvious that Schoox was the platform for us because it’s so robust, and it includes powerful culture-building tools, like a social wall, gamification, certificates, badges, and a leaderboard.

“I view Schoox as a culture-building platform, first and foremost, thanks to its robust tools that allow our team members to be self-expressive and self-directed in their training and careers. It impacted our culture profoundly in a short period of time. It’s been a game changer for Logan’s.”

Enjoying an Easy Path to Course Creation

“We learned very quickly that Schoox is extremely user friendly, no matter the use case scenario — whether we’re authoring new courses, or employees are learning new skills, or managers are accessing reports,” said Ellen. “We use it for all it can be and more.”

Logan’s appreciates the ability to create courses, programs, and knowledge checks in real-time. One of the advantages is that managers can add time-sensitive seasonal training sessions, such as introducing a new fall beer selection.

“Now, we can easily partner with our marketing and operations teams to create courses that support our internal sales drivers and marketing campaigns,” noted Ellen.

What’s more, the ease-of-use in course creation allows many team members to contribute their expertise. By the end of 2020, the restaurant had created over 7,500 hours of training lessons.

Learners enjoy a simple login, easy access to the training they need or want, access to important dates on the calendar, and interaction with their peers on the Academy Wall or in groups.

Leadership can easily pull reports or have them sent to their inboxes automatically.

Gaining Greater Retention and Higher Sales

The Highway Roadhouse Academy has delivered tremendous results for Logan’s. A six-month compliance check after its launch found that the company had delivered 231 stand-alone courses to 13,000 team members, developed 33 programs with nearly 400 courses, and conducted 155 knowledge checks.

What’s more, The Highway achieved a 90% compliance rate for the chain’s Intro to the Highway course for new team members. “This is the best compliance I’ve ever seen with any LMS,” said Ellen. “Employee engagement went through the roof.”

Business impacts include a significant increase in employee knowledge and a reduction in guest complaints. In fact, overall guest satisfaction grew from 68% to 76%.

Staff retention turned a significant corner. Team member turnover dropped from a high of 158% down to just 126%. Manager turnover improved from a high of 52% down to just 28%.

Financially, Logan’s achieved significant gains in both sales and savings. Add-on guest sales grew from $3.62 to $5.01 per check. At the same time, training costs dropped by nearly $1.7 million, including an annualized savings of $484,000, plus a savings of $1.2 million in printed training guides.

“Instrumental to our successful team member training program was getting leadership buy-in, deploying a highly usable learning system, and making the cultural transformation contagious.”

“When employees understand what they’re doing, and it’s all incorporated throughout an ongoing training process, restaurants will start seeing higher employee engagement and higher sales,” said Ellen.

Launching 11 New Branded LMS Academies

In November 2018, Logan’s acquired a new restaurant operation, called CraftWorks Holdings. This added 400 new restaurants to its portfolio and 25,000 new team members. Among the holdings were 11 restaurant brands.

To ensure that each brand retained its unique culture, Logan’s created 11 new branded Schoox academies within six months, all of which launched in the spring of 2019. They all achieved the same results: greater team member experiences, higher compliance, better staff member retention, and higher sales.

“The ease-of-use and flexibility in Schoox made it easy for us to rebrand the platform for each restaurant, and create the courses that would support their specific training needs and sales goals,” said Ellen. “I don’t think I could have found this level of flexibility capabilities in any other LMS.”

Special thanks to Ellen Rockwell, former VP of L&D at Logan’s Roadhouse